Mount Etna

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After yesterday’s visit to Villa del Romana we set off towards Mount Etna where we had planned to park overnight at the closest carpark to Etna. As we drove up the long winding road itwas lined with black lava rocks from previous eruptions and a few remains of buildings caught in the flow. We eventually arrived to the parking area with the usual tourist shops restaurants and take aways! There were panoramic views down to the sea and views of Lower peaks and small craters. Today we caught the first cable car up and then on an Umag Jeep with guide towards the summit. As there had been a small eruption on 1st June we were unable to go to the rim but walked to an area to see the fissure smoking. After descending we drove towards the North Coast on the way passing through fields and slopes covered in lava. The dark volcanic rocks made more attractive by an abundance of wildflowers and yellow broom.

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