Ancient Delphi

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Monday 6th May We caught the early 7.40 am bus to visit Ancient Delphi to escape the crowds. According to legend when Zeus released two eagles from opposite ends of the world their paths crossed above Delphi establishing the place as the centre of the earth. Renowned as a dwelling place of Apollo at the end of the 8th century bc became a sanctuary visited by people from all over the ancient world for guidance by the oracle until the Romans arrived in 191bc. The temple of Apollo is at the heart of the complex which is entered by following the Sacred Way which winds its way past the ruins including a stadium, theatre, memorials and treasuries. We really enjoyed this site and as we had gone early – no crowds! We had a quick look around the museum before catching the bus back to camp. A tortoise joined us after lunch but he was in a hurry! so lovely to see them in the wild

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