Lake Sirano Italy

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Lovely morning walked up to little town but roads being recobbled! We left using minor roads not too bad patches of rough very straight and flat as miles of fertile fields mainly corn. Poppies were shining in the sunshine along our route and small hilltop villages stood out amongst the blue skies. We joined the non toll motorway nr Potenza and our scenery changed to high mountains  and deep valleys which we passed over on high viaducts or through tunnels. We were heading for our next stop a Sosta at Lake Sirano nr the little mountain village of Largonegro but we got lost! Fortunately a helpful local guided us out and we eventually found the lake. The sosta is good with dedicated spaces, facilities and h/u for 2e. We are at 2,500ft so air is fresh! At the foot of Mt Coccovello and looking towards Mt Pellino  at 7,000ft. Superb scenery.. There is a very nice restaurant small shops and a good bakery.

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