Visit to the Royal Signals Museum



During a recent visit to the New Forest with Pilote Members  we found this gem of a museum not too far away to visit by car or motor home. It is situated nr Blandford at the Army Camp and requires a photo ID to get into the Camp. There is a website: for current admission prices and opening times. We paid £7 senior.

First we had to sign in which involved showing our bus passes answering a questionnaire and having our photo taken which is then made into an official pass. This was all carried in a jovial and friendly way by two soldiers in the reception area. So then armed with our fancy identity tags we headed off into the camp to the museum. Plenty of free parking for cars, motor homes, there is a shop, picnic area and is wheelchair accessible.

Semaphore to Cyber Space – the museum is all about communications from World War 1 to present day. Learn how signallers laid 50,000 miles of telephone cables for the battle of the Somme, how using pigeons, motorbikes, Flags and lamps signallers ensured messages got through. See Monty’s armoured Command Vehicle, clandestine radios, read about fascinating stories of the men and women who helped beat the Nazis. Learn about the Codes and Secret Agents and how dangerous it was to be a spy with the SOS. Special Forces – from the sands of the Western Desert with WW11 Long Range Desert Group, to the mountains of Afghanistan, find out about the role of Special Forces Communications. Women at War From the FANY in WW1 to the modern Signaller. Enigma Codes and Code Breaking the story of Alan Turing. Lots and lots more. All extremely well displayed with interactive fun – even Janet and I enjoyed it!

The Comms Cafe is a delightful replica of a NAFFI where we enjoyed a light snack and coffee – we didn’t however try the NAFFI Tea!

If you are in the area then a visit to this interesting museum is well worth a visit. Check out the website for full details and for the latest displays and themes.